Article 15 – General

15.1 The head office of FMRAC shall be in the City of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
15.2 English and French shall be the official languages of FMRAC.
15.3 The fiscal year-end of FMRAC shall be the 31st of March in each calendar year.
15.4 The Board may prescribe such rules and regulations not inconsistent with this By-Law relating to the management and operation of FMRAC as it deems appropriate, provided that such rules and regulations shall be confirmed at the next Annual Meeting of the Members and in default of such confirmation shall cease to have force and effect.
15.5 In the event of the dissolution of FMRAC; the assets shall be used to discharge any liabilities of FMRAC. Any remaining assets shall be liquidated and the proceeds distributed to the Members in proportion to their average contribution over the preceding two (2) years.