4.0 Conditions of Membership

4.1 Provincial and territorial Medical Regulatory Authorities in Canada shall be eligible for membership in FMRAC and membership shall be confirmed by the Executive Director upon the receipt of a written request and upon payment of any Membership Fees.
4.2 Membership fees payable by Members shall be determined annually by a resolution of the board.

4.2.1 Membership fees shall be payable annually.
4.2.2 Membership fees shall be based on the number of physicians registered to practise in the Member’s jurisdiction who hold a full time license and are a resident of the jurisdiction.
4.2.3 Membership fees shall be set from time to time for the purpose of covering the operational costs of FMRAC.
4.3 Affiliate status may be conferred on any association, organization or agency in accordance with policies as determined from time to time by resolution of the Executive Committee.
4.4 Rights and Obligations of Membership

4.4.1 Members may be referred to as “Member of the Federation of Medical Regulatory Authorities of Canada” and as such may receive and transmit communication through the office of FMRAC.
4.4.2 The costs of FMRAC shall be borne primarily by the Members, in accordance with the provisions set in Article 4.2.
4.4.3 Membership is automatically renewed on the first of January of each year, unless terminated upon the happening of any of the following events:

  1. The Member organization ceases to exist;
  2. The Member organization withdraws from FMRAC by delivering a written resignation to the President and/or Executive Director of FMRAC. Any such resignation shall require a minimum of one-year notice or, payment of all Membership fees and annual assessments in lieu thereof.