Article 7 – Officers of FMRAC

7.1 The Officers of FMRAC shall be the President, President-elect, Immediate Past President and Executive Director.
7.2 The Officers shall hold office at the pleasure of the Board and be charged to carry out the mission, activities and priorities of FMRAC.
7.3 An Officer of FMRAC should not concurrently hold office as an Officer of the Medical Council of Canada.
7.4 An Executive Director shall be appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of FMRAC and shall hold office at the pleasure of the Board or pursuant to the terms of any contract between the Executive Director and FMRAC.
7.5 The President:

7.5.1 Shall be the senior Officer.
7.5.2 Shall serve for two-year term.
7.5.3 If present, shall preside at all meetings of the Board and the Executive Committee and shall be an ex officio member of all committees and working groups of the Board.
7.5.4 Shall represent FMRAC in meetings with Members of Parliament, including parliamentary committees.
7.5.5 Has the authority, if need be to delegate to any member of the Board such authority, duties or tasks as may be required to conduct the affairs of FMRAC.
7.6 The President-elect:

7.6.1 Shall be elected every two years by the Members at the Annual Meeting of the Members from a slate presented by the Nominating Committee. Only Directors may be nominated for President-elect. Nominations from the floor are permitted.
7.6.2 Shall normally serve for a two-year term.
7.6.3 Shall, in the absence of the President, act for the President.
7.6.4 Shall assume the office of President at the conclusion of the President’s term, at the time of the Annual Meeting of the Members.
7.6.5 If for any reason a vacancy occurs in the office of the President, the President-elect shall assume the presidency for the balance of the term.
7.6.6 If for any reason a vacancy occurs in the position of President-elect, the Board may appoint an alternate pending the next meeting of the Members.
7.7 The Immediate Past President:

7.7.1 Shall serve for a two-year term.
7.7.2 In the event that the office of Immediate Past President becomes vacant, the preceding Immediate Past President shall serve as Immediate Past President. If the preceding Immediate Past President is unable to serve, the Board shall appoint a member of the Board to assume the duties of Immediate Past President.
7.8 The Executive Director:

7.8.1 Shall be subject to the direction of the Board through the President
7.8.2 Shall provide to the Board or any committee thereof information on any subject as requested.
7.8.3 Shall report to the Board upon matters relating to the office of the Executive Director.
7.8.4 Shall perform the duties set out in a job description approved from time to time by the Board.
7.8.5 Shall oversee the collection of all assessments and account for all monies on behalf of FMRAC.
7.8.6 Shall liaise with other associations, organizations or agencies.
7.8.7 Shall coordinate and conduct all official correspondence on behalf of FMRAC.
7.8.8 Shall be an ex officio, non-voting member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.
7.8.9 Shall ensure proper notice is given of all meetings of the Members and of the Board.
7.8.10 Shall ensure the decisions of the Members, Board and Board committees are duly recorded.
7.8.11 Shall perform the functions of a Secretary in accord with the requirements of the Act as amended and the By-law herein.