2002 – 2011

2002 – 2011

A major strategic planning exercise was undertaken in the Fall of 2002, leading to the recruitment of a full-time Executive Director and CEO the following year.

The Federation changed its name to “Federation of Medical Regulatory Authorities of Canada” to recognize their roles beyond licensure. The organization became known as FMRAC. Nunavut joined FMRAC, meaning that all the provincial and territorial medical regulatory authorities are members.

In 2008, FMRAC celebrated its 40th anniversary. At a special ceremony in Winnipeg, MB, the Chief Herald of Canada presented FMRAC with its armorial bearings.

Click here to view the Canadian Heraldic Authority Symbolism of the Armorial Bearings of FMRAC.

The organization dealt with these other issues during that decade:

  • Marihuana Medical Access Regulations
  • internet prescribing
  • telemedicine
  • licensure across jurisdictions in an emergency or disaster
  • the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act legislation
  • liability coverage through the Healthcare Insurance Reciprocal of Canada and engagement through HIROC’s Risk Management Self-assessment Modules (FMRAC is the subscriber of HIROC, with nine of the provincial medical regulatory authorities as additional insured)
  • Position Statement on Revalidation

Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT)

Early in the decade, the medical regulatory authorities signed a Mutual Recognition Agreement, as per the provisions in the AIT. Subsequently, the significant revisions to Chapter 7 on Labour Mobility (effective 1 April 2009) mobilized FMRAC and its Members to develop common standards for medical registration in Canada. Each jurisdiction continues to adapt these for its own use, legislation and other factors permitting.