Board Priorities

2016-2017 Board Priorities

    1. Physician-assisted Dying – The Board approved the FMRAC Physician-assisted Dying Guidance Document in June 2015. At its annual conference in Banff on 12 – 13 June, medical assistance in dying and the role of the medical regulatory authorities (MRAs) comprised a half day session and was one of two conference themes. In 2016, more work will likely be required to follow up new federal legislation that received Royal Assent on June 17, 2016 and strive for pan-Canadian consistency in definitions and processes among FMRAC’s members.
    2. Physician Practice Improvement (PPI) – Following a consultation process, the FMRAC Physician Practice Improvement System was approved by the Board in February 2016. FMRAC is now seeking endorsement and follow up from key stakeholders to help ensure implementation. This includes lobbying governments at all levels to establish searchable databases to facilitate implementation of the system and engagement of physicians in PPI.
    3. Physician Health – A framework on Blood Borne Pathogens was approved by the FMRAC Board at its June 2016 meeting. It proposes recommendations and minimum regulatory standards of FMRAC’s members regarding medical professionals who participate in exposure prone procedures (EPPs) or who have tested positive for blood borne pathogens (BBPs) i.e., hepatitis B virus (HBV) hepatitis C virus (HCV) or human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), to reduce the risk of transmission of infection for the benefit of public safety. The working group that drafted the framework is now focused on developing a guidance document for the MRAs that addresses a regulatory responses to managing health conditions.

      FMRAC is also involved in the pan-Canadian Physician Factors initiative led by the CPSO and the CPSA that will identify both risk and supportive factors to a physician’s performance, in the interest of ensuring patient safety.

    4. Prescription Drug Abuse and Diversion –This topic was one of two themes at the 2016 FMRAC annual conference on 12 – 13 June 2016 in Banff, AB. The focus was on the role of regulation, looking a the assessment of prescribing and tighter regulation of physicians where prescribing is not aligned with best practices. As a follow-up from the meeting, the FMRAC Board asked Health Canada to advocate at a pan-Canadian level for a prescription monitoring program in each province and territory, with shareable data across jurisdictions and access by medical regulatory authorities, physicians, and other stakeholders.
    5. FMRAC Integrated Risk Management System (FIRMS) — The FIRMS Standards address governance, the core mandate of MRAs (registration and licensure; complaints and investigations; quality assurance of medical practice; and facility accreditation / quality review programs) and operational functions of an MRA.

      The implementation / peer collaboration model will be developed before a launch of FIRMS with all jurisdictions at the end of this year. A pilot study is currently underway with three medical regulatory authorities.