Model Standards for Medical Registration in Canada (updated 2018)

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One of FMRAC’s goals is to respond to matters which relate to licensure and/or regulation, and which are of national and international importance. Historically, FMRAC has worked with its Members to foster common standards and approaches.

As these evolve over time, FMRAC and its members will continue to strive for uniformity of purpose and procedure, thereby facilitating labour mobility across Canada. When a medical regulatory authority is not able to implement the model standard, it will clearly state this and/or provide the relevant context. Implementation of a new standard may require the jurisdiction to make changes to legislation; this process can take several years and is usually beyond the control of the medical regulatory authority.

This is a consensus-based document that contains model standards to which all the medical regulatory authorities are aspiring or with which they are abiding. Some medical regulatory authorities may also apply these standards to classes of registration other than provisional or full.