About us


To advance medical regulation on behalf of the public through collaboration, common standards and best practices.


Six pillars enable FMRAC to achieve this mission as proactively and creatively as possible.

  1. establish mechanisms for the effective exchange of information, discussion and collaboration with its members and others, on issues that involve medical regulation
  2. develop policies, standards, statements and perspectives on aspects of medical regulation – either pan-Canadian or drafts that can be adapted by the members
  3. actively participate in the design and coordination of pan-Canadian health system changes
  4. be an effective voice to interact with and inform key stakeholders (including governments, the public and media) on medical regulatory matters of national or international importance
  5. develop and maintain programs, services and benefits for its members
  6. identify and mitigate risk to medical regulation in a timely manner

Core Activities:

Four areas were deemed to be core activities of the organization.

  1. advocacy and common voice – where FMRAC stands publicly and speaks on behalf of the medical regulatory authorities of Canada
    • at the federal level
    • with the members, the public and the media – promote pan-Canadian standards, even if they are aspirational, especially when members can use them in discussion with their own governments
    • with other national organizations – promote the notion of public interest regulation
  2. surveillance of political developments and trends that may have an impact on the work of the Members in fulfilling their mandate
  3. FMRAC Integrated Risk Management System (FIRMS)
  4. Model Standards for Medical Registration in Canada