FMRAC Board Meeting – 27 November 2018

Highlights of the Board of Directors videoconference on 27 November 2018:

  • approval of the draft prescription opioids framework for a two-phase consultation, firstly with the medical regulatory authorities, and secondly with national and international stakeholder organizations
  • input into the organizational priorities on (a) physician competence and (b) pan-Canadian registration
  • selection of the 2019-2020 organizational priorities:
    • telemedicine (to be wrapped up in 2019)
    • prescription opioids (to be wrapped up in 2019)
    • physician competence (ongoing)
    • pan-Canadian registration (ongoing)
    • artificial intelligence and machine learning – the role of professional regulation
  • plan for an extensive review of the survey on compliance with the Model Standards for Medical Regulation in Canada to continue to strive for as much standardization as possible

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